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Parseable is an efficient and scalable log storage and management platform. Cloud native by design, Parseable ensures ease of deployment and use. It is compatible with standard logging agents like FluentBit, LogStash etc. Parseable also offers a builtin, intuitive GUI for log query and analysis.


  • Developer first platform, designed for ease of use and flexibility.
  • Log data stored as Parquet - columnar, open data format, designed for analytics.
  • Stateless, index free design with object storage as primary storage.
  • SDK less, simple REST API calls for log ingestion and query.


Whenever I was tasked with setting up logging - I had to choose from search engines (masquerading as log stores) or exorbitantly priced SaaS. Search engines are natively CPU intensive and hence need frequent tuning. SaaS storage services essentially locked in the data and before you know, costs went out of hand. Both are not ideal.

With so many enhancements in the file formats, storage and compute and programming languages, it was time to rethink the way we store and query logs. There had to be a simple, cloud native solution for log storage that just works.

Hence we set out to build Parseable - a log storage and query platform that focuses on ease of use and deployment, leverages Arrow and Parquet for fast query and storage, and is compatible with standard logging agents.


  • SQL compatible API for querying log data.
  • Intuitive dashboard to parse and query the log data.
  • Bring your own analytics platform for deeper analysis of log data.
  • Auto inferred schema.
  • Kubernetes native log collection.