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Grafana Data source

Parseable data source plugin allows you to query and visualize log data stored in Parseable server, in a Grafana dashboard.


  • Parseable server setup and receiving logs from your application.
  • Grafana installed and running.


  • Install the plugin using the Grafana CLI, using the command grafana-cli plugins install parseable-parseable-datasource. Then restart Grafana.

  • Alternatively, you can install the plugin from your Grafana instance (Configuration > Data sources > Add Data source). Add Parseable as a data source at the data source configuration page.

  • Configure the data source specifying URL and port like Parseable supports basic auth currently, so toggle the "Basic Auth" option under "Auth" section and enter the username and password under "Basic Auth Details" section. For Parseable demo server use parseable as both, username and password.

  • Push the Save and Test button, if there is an error message, check the credentials and connection.


Once the plugin is configured with correct Parseable server instance. You can start using it to query and visualize logs. Use the query editor to write your own queries.

Sample Dashboard

Refer sample dashboard here: Grafana Dashboard Demo


query editor log dashboard log text view