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observability stack

built for developers

Lightweight, low latency, logging and observability for cloud native applications.
Log observability stack
Whether you're a SaaS business and need a robust log platform for ever growing customer data or an enterprise running a complex microservice architecture, Parseable fits right in.
Cloud Native Design

Stateless, index free design, scale ↑ or ↓ based on log volume. Deploy on Kubernetes in seconds with helm chart.

Open Data Format

Own the data and the content. Parquet format offers fast query and compressed storage.

Simple Data Access

SQL compatible API for querying log data. Bring your own analytics platform.

User First

Simple to deploy and maintain in long run. Built-in GUI for log view and observability.


Parseable is easy to deploy. Try it out today!

Get Involved
Parseable is built on the principles of open and free software. Join our global community of contributors, developers, and enthusiasts on Slack and GitHub