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Cloud native log storage
and management for


Deploy in seconds
Deploy in seconds
Fast log ingestion
Fast logs ingestion
Access and analyse logs
Access and analyse logs
Parseable is a high performance, cloud native, developer friendly platform for log storage and management
Fast Log Ingestion
Simple and high performance data ingestion with SDK less REST API
Cloud Native Design
Deploy on Kubernetes in seconds and start collecting logs from all containers
Parquet Format
Store log data as high compress and analytics friendly Parquet format
Object Storage
Parseable uses object storage as the primary storage
Own Your Log Data
Bring your own bucket and completely own your log storage data
Simple, Intuitive UI
Intuitive dashboard to parse through log data efficiently
Coming Soon
Upcoming features getting added to Parseable
Log retention
Access Control
Parseable is built on the principles of open and free software. Join our global community of contributors, developers, and enthusiasts on Slack and GitHub